Bildungswerk BAU Hessen-Thüringen e.V.

Our Mission Statement


Who are we?

Bildungswerk BAU Hessen-Thüringen e.V. is a non-profit provider of training measures for the construction industry. We have been providing training in the construction area for over 80 years.

We see ourselves as a link between all the players in the construction sector and as partner in matters relating to personnel development for a career in the construction industry.

What is our mission?

We promote vocational education and training in the field of construction and in construction-related industries, as well as the preservation of monuments, the art and culture of construction.

What do we want to achieve?

Education is the central factor for individual and social progress. At the same time, it is an essential prerequisite for successful economic development and social integration.

Our vocational education equips people with the skills they need to do their jobs. We impart competencies that enable them to develop and apply new ideas, which in turn generate innovation and technological progress.

With our services, we support those interested in training in developing their occupational competence and companies in the construction industry, as well as other partners in the field of occupational health and safety and in the development of corporate quality.

Our motto is:

Ensuring more opportunities, quality, and success with high quality training!


This is important for us

As part of our mission, we defined what’s of particular importance to us:

  • Our understanding of good education in the construction industry is the development of occupational competence and the development of individual potential for securing skilled labor.
Über uns

  • We are guided by the EFQM Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management. We use this model to implement the most advanced knowledge of comprehensive quality development in our work, service, and qualification processes. Our employees are the decisive success factor for this.
  • We are active partners in the “Gutes Bauen in Thüringen” and “Gutes Bauen in Hessen” networks.
  • We continuously assess the quality of our work according to the satisfaction of:

    • Our customers (clients of educational measures and participants),
    • Our employees,
    • Our members,
    • Our partners and service providers, 
    • The social environment.

In so doing, we are looking for answers to the questions:
  • Are we doing the right thing?
  • Are we doing it right?

The mission statement “Building with quality in Thuringia” developed in the Thuringian network and the jointly agreed quality understanding of good construction quality are part of our quality orientation.

We use “Building with quality in Thuringia” as a model for supporting quality development in the construction industry and for our own quality and organizational development as an educational service provider.


Our services include

  • Vocational education and training, retraining, as well as meetings and other events
  • Support with questions relating to personnel development for a complete working life in the construction industry
  • Support for dual courses of study in the construction industry
  • Measures for practical vocational orientation of students
  • Attracting young people to training, including from the EU and third countries, as well as their assistance in qualification and integration
  • Educational activities to promote low-skilled and disadvantaged young people and adults and their integration into the education and labor market
  • Qualification measures for refugees and migrants for integration into training and employment
  • Supporting companies in terms of industry-related education marketing
  • Targeted use of funding opportunities
  • Collaboration on scientific projects and research plans in the field of construction
  • Educational measures for the repair and maintenance of listed buildings