Bildungswerk BAU Hessen-Thüringen e.V.

Training in the German construction sector

A good education is the foundation for a successful professional life. The German construction industry is synonymous for highly trained and highly qualified employees who ensure the quality of the construction with their work.

What makes construction training in Germany attractive?
  • Interesting and varied fields of activity
  • Working on a team and working with technology and machines is fun
  • High quality of training - theory and practice optimally interlocked by the inter-company training
  • Financial and personal independence through high training compensation from the start
  • A recognized professional degree in the bag in two or three years
  • High chances of being taken on, because the construction industry is looking for skilled workers
  • Various career development opportunities after training
  • High crisis security with the job, because things are always being built in Germany 
  • What is learned can also be very easily used privately

Since 2013, Bildungswerk BAU Hessen-Thüringen e.V. has implemented training measures with interested young people from abroad.

The training is in the following careers:
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete worker
  • Road builder
  • Carpenter
  • Mason
  • Duct builder
  • Wood and building protection

The project implementation takes place in our training and continuing education centers in Erfurt and Weimar. Apprentices are housed in single and double rooms in our modern guesthouses, which are staffed by our employees at all times.In the event of questions, problems, or visits to the authorities, the employees are fully available to the participants.