Bildungswerk BAU Hessen-Thüringen e.V.

Our primary service areas


Career orientation

Career orientation is a two-sided process:
  • On the one hand, there are young people who want to orient themselves and get to know their own interests, competences, and goals.
  • On the other hand there are the demands of the world of work, about which young people should be informed in order to give them an individual professional orientation.

With our offers for career orientation, we support young people in the construction sector in meeting the challenges of this process. Through internships and career-oriented events, they can narrow down their areas of interest and gain initial insights into the various training sectors of the construction industry.

In the process of job-oriented measures, our social-pedagogic supervisors also work closely with the respective teaching and support staff of the schools. Our goal is to promote career orientation with our skills and opportunities in the best possible way.


In the dual training, there is another place of learning besides the companies and the vocational schools: the inter-company vocational training centers (ÜBS). They supplement on-the-job training with practical coursework.

The inter-company vocational training is aimed at supporting the main objective pursued by the vocational training at the company and school, the development of vocational competence of apprentices, with special training measures.

In particular, it pursues the following goals:

  • Broadening basic vocational education and deepening and intensifying specialized education and thus supporting the professional principle.
  • Promoting on-the-job training readiness and training capability by offering training that complements on-the-job vocational education and that helps to ensure a sufficient and selective range of training places.
  • Focusing vocational training on technological, economic, environmental, and social progress.
  • Ensuring and improving the quality of vocational training through:

    • the use of action-oriented teaching and learning arrangements,
    • the use of qualified trainers,
    • the initiation and promotion of learning place cooperation.

As an inter-company training center, we are involved in the following training occupations:

Reconstruction worker, tile and plate maker, plasterer, drywall installer, carpenter, structural engineer, concrete and reinforced concrete worker, bricklayer, civil engineering, track construction, duct builder, pipeline builder, road builder, construction equipment operator, agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics, road maintenance, specialist in sewage technology, specialist for circulation and waste management, specialist for pipe, sewer, and industrial service, specialist for water supply technology, plant mechanic, draftsman, precast concrete, miner and machine operator, industrial electrician, electronic technician - industrial engineering, specialist for wood and building protection, wood and building protection, industrial businessman

Continuing education

Continuing education is indispensable for maintaining qualifications and developing new potential. Employees get the chance to develop according to their potential. As part of the lifelong learning process, subject-oriented education measures ensure the performance of companies and employees. This increases the quality of work and working life.

We offer qualification measures in the following areas:
  • Engineering and commercial education
  • Industrial master courses of study
  • Foreman and overseer courses of study
  • Specialist qualifications
  • Retraining
  • Winter construction training
  • Operator authorizations/license
  • Recognized examinations & certificates (among others, IHK, TÜV, …)